Thursday, August 19, 2010

5 Things That Drive Me Crazy: Celebrity Edition

Lady Gaga- Seriously? Do I need to even explain? Lady Gaga drives me crazy for the simple reason that she is overplayed! I absolutely cannot stand Bad Romance and it seems to follow me everywhere. It's even my roommate's ringtone...which she knows I hate.

Kanye West- Can we say asshole? This guy is un-freaking-believable. And the whole Taylor Swift fiasco at the VMA's only added to my hate.

Megan Fox- Yet another mean celebrity. I don't hate her because she is the sexiest woman alive, I hate her because she is a egotistical biatch. Yeah, I said it. I mean she compared Michael Bay to Hitler.

Eddie Murphy- He just annoys me. Always has. His voice. His facial expressions. His laugh. Can't stand him.

Paris Hilton- She is famous for having sex on camera. She is overrated and she is dumb. Enough said.


Jess said...

Great list. Love the pie chart, by the way. Genius.

I'm with you on all of them. I love Eddie Murphy's old stuff like "Coming to America" but his most recent (1990-now) is just crap. Except for Donkey. I like Donkey.

Admin said...

I don't even know what Donkey is. LOL. My boyfriend has a bunch of his old stand up comedy on DVD, but I can't bring myself to watch them. LOL.