Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blog Love

I started out doing one post per blog I recommend, but it's going to get to a point where I'm posting about other blogs all day. So here is compilation of the blogs I read on the daily. (If I share these with you, you must promise to come back to Jumble Mash. I know the following blogs are fantastic, but don't forget about lil' ol' me :))
It is a big deal,it is to me!

I need to give a huge THANK YOU to fellow blogger Jess from It's a Big Deal, It is to me! She has been super duper helpful to me and Jumble Mash. She helped me work out a few bugs and hopefully everything is running smoothly now.

Everyone needs to check out her blog. It's wonderful! My favorites are the Face Punch posts.


The Bloggess. This one doesn't even need an intro. Just go there.


Effyvescence . Effy also helped me out when Jumble Mash wasn't working properly. She is just starting out (like me) but so far...awesome! She is funny and quirky and I think we are BFF's now. :)


EPBOT.  From the same creator that brought us Cake Wrecks, Jen. She is just wonderful, especially if you are a geek. But even if you aren't, you'll still love her. You have to.


PYSIH or People You'll See In Hell. This blog usually makes me angry, but I do love when justice is served. The blog is entirely dedicated to showing all of us the bad people in the world. Then you get to vote on whether or not you want to see them in Hell. (Don't worry, you can't actually send someone to Hell)


Edit: Had to add this one.

New Dress A Day. This blog is awesome. The girl has decided to creat a new dress every day for a year out of an ugly one for only $1. 365 days and 365 dollars. The befores and afters are amazing!

Now go on, I'll be back tomorrow!


Jess said...

Aww! Thank you! You're so stinkin' sweet. If I could, I'd make you some cookies and bring them to you and give you a big hug! :)

I really enjoy reading your stuff! Also, glad I could help!

Admin said...

OMG I love cookies!!! LOL!! You are so very's the least I could do after all your help.