Thursday, August 5, 2010

Puppies Make Everything Better

At my job, I put up with a lot of crap. I work in a male dominate office and they are very lazy and mostly helpless. Some will even ask me to mail letters for them because they can't figure out how to work the postage machine. (It's very easy.)

BUT...there are four women, including me, that work there, and one of those women makes my life hell. It's pretty much a known fact that the more women you have in your workplace, the more gossip and animosity there is. Which I completely agree upon, because with just the few of us, it can get pretty ugly. The two that don't bother me so much are old ladies who have grand children and great grandchildren, so they are pretty much over the petty bull crap. But there is always a bad seed. She is in her thirties and NOT MY BOSS. Let me repeat, she is NOT MY BOSS.

When I had boyfriend in the hospital, she called my personal cell phone at 7:00 in the morning and yelled at me because I couldn't make it to work. I'm not even supposed to be at work until 8:00. She claimed that she had too much work to do to watch the telephone lines for me and then DEMANDED that I call her ASAP and let her know when I'd be in.

I said, "Don't wait on the call. Boyfriend trumps job."

She said, Click. Yeah, I don't think she liked that too well.

Anyways, so the next day I went to work only to find about 50 post it notes stuck to my computer monitor with one chore on each.
Things that she could have done with ease. But, being the nice gal that I am, I completed all the necessary tasks and then put all the pointless tasks back in her mailbox. If she wants to order phone books for every person in the office, than she is more than welcome. I ain't doin' it.  Then I checked the main phone line and saw that only twenty calls had come in during a ten hour period. In other words, it was a slow day.

Upon filling her mailbox with post it notes, I realized that she had beat me to the mailbox-filling punch. My entire mailbox was full of fax cover sheets that came through the machine all day and junk mail (catalogs, magazines, etc). Seriously. This woman is an adult. And I know it was her, because no one else steps foot in the mail room. I grabbed all of the paper and threw it into the recycling bin and marched down the hallway to her office. That's when I discovered that she wasn't there. So I went to her boss' office and was told that she had called off.  And let me be the first to tell you, if I would have had her cell phone number,  you bet your ass I would have called and yelled at her.

Finally, I turned my computer on, only to find that it was flooded with junk mail from her. Forwards mostly, but some were emails that said unimportant things along the lines of, "I put the mail away today." Whoop De Do!

At this point, I was frustrated, so I went to my boss' office. I explained to my boss what she had done and told her that I didn't want to get my co-worker in trouble, I just didn't want her to come back and say that I hadn't finished my work or something. My boss then informed me that my co-worker had left early the day I called off and didn't answer the phones.

So she was so busy that she felt the need to call me on my cell phone and yell at me, but it was perfectly okay for her to leave early. And she didn't even answer the phones! Then later that day, I checked my Facebook and saw that she was shopping all day with her sister at the outlet mall. Really? Needless to say, I was angry and ready for revenge.

I was so ready to see her the next morning. I had a speech all prepared and was going be all like,

"Listen, BIATCH, you are not my boss and you DO NOT get to call my cell phone and yell at me because you cannot handle your own work load. I was in the hospital with my boyfriend, not out shopping with my sister! Oh and by the way, I told on you! So ha!"

Yes. I was ready. I even got to work early so I'd be there when she walked in.

As soon as I saw her, I stood up from my desk and waited for her to get through the main doors. Then she smiled brightly and was like, "My dog had puppies! Do you want to see the pictures?!"

And I was all like, "YEAH!"

Then we bonded over cute puppies and stories about our dogs.

I'm such a push over.

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