Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stun Guns and Stupid BFFs

Please note: No one in this story was under the influence of any kind of drugs, including alcohol. These were sober decisions, sadly.

Kids, do not try this at home.

BFF, Boyfriend and I got kind of bored last night. Too bored I would say. You see, I have this stun gun. It is used for my protection and have never had to use it. Until last night.

BFF got the BRIGHT idea to see what it felt like to be stunned. And of course, Boyfriend and I went a long with it. So there we were, standing in my kitchen, arguing over who gets to go first. I was all, "You know, I would like to get this on camera, so I'll go last." They didn't buy it, but I did indeed end up going last. Which was stupid, because I watched both of their reactions and still let them stun me.

BFF went first. Boyfriend held the stun gun on her arm for like half a second and she reminded me of my mom's old poodle that use to have seizures all the time. But then she laughed and said it didn't hurt that bad. Then I got the privilege of using it on Boyfriend. I held it there for about a second and he twitched a little bit but was otherwise okay. I was a little nervous and didn't trust either of them so I tried to do it on myself.

BUT, I couldn't pull the trigger! So I handed it over to Boyfriend. He hit me in the arm with the stupid stun gun and I hit the ground. I swear he held it on there for like an hour but they swear it was only a second. (Yeah, right) It paralyzed my entire freakin' body. Everything felt so heavy that all I could do was fall. I'm pretty sure I flopped around like a fish too. After I came back to Earth, I was mad because I thought they had set me up and didn't even really stun themselves.  Then Boyfriend told me that the stun gun was only 80,000 volts and I was all, "I don't give an electrifying shit how many volts it is. It freakin' hurt!" Then they laughed and asked me what an electrifying shit was. {Shrugs}

I actually did get this all on video, but neither of them wanted to be on the internet, so I promised I wouldn't add it....for now:)

Oh AND then, BFF made me watch The Last Song and we all cried like damn babies. Even Boyfriend. Seriously....that movie is sad. Worse the Titanic. Maybe.

P.S. Sorry about the lighting is crap.


Jess said...

That's too funny. My hub's best bud is a cop and he has a stun gun. One night they all decided to try it out. I watched the hubs stick it on his calf and he just keeled over immediately. Looked like he was having a seizure. Freaked me out, I wouldn't try it!

Anonymous said...

Haha that is so funny. I would love to see that video. I wouldnt listen to your bff

Admin said...

Jess, do not try it! It's a stupid idea! I am kind of glad to hear that I wasn't the only one that didn't take it so well, though! Sucks for your hubby though!

StaceyNay, there is no way she is ever getting into my brain again. Oh the stories I have of her getting me into trouble! :)