Friday, August 27, 2010

5 Things That Drive Me Crazy: Facebook Edition

1. Reading status updates from friends that are on vacation while I'm stuck in the office- There is nothing worse than when I'm sitting at work and seeing that one of my friends is laying on the beach.

2. Layout changes every 5 freaking days- As soon as I get use to Facebook, they go and change it again. And WTF is with the new location thing? That's just asking for someone to stalk you.

3.Facebook Arguments- I absolutely cannot stand it when people get into fights over Facebook. Especially when they keep writing back and forth on each other's walls and your entire home page is filled with their crap. Seriously...grow some balls and fight in person like the good ol' days.

4. Farmville- The requests. The notifications. They are everywhere.

5. Pokes- Go poke your damn self.


Jess said...

Facebook is like Madonna - constantly reinventing itself (only less successfully and more annoying). I don't even really understand the whole poke thing? What's the point? Is it like internet Tag??
LOL at the Farmville thing, my mom is a Farmville junkie. It's ridiculous. You know you can hide it from your feed though!

Admin said...

Haha I love that. Facebook is like Madonna. So true.

I don't understand the whole poke thing either, but I always have like 20 pokes when I sign in. I don't get it.

And I do take Farmville off of my feed, but I still get requests and then status updates saying, please send me money so I can buy pigs! Or something crazy like that. lol. Do you know they have it for the freakin' Iphones and Ipads now? It's ridiculous!

Nicole said...

Haha I love it!!