Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bad, bad weekend.

I had a pretty horrific weekend. And I'm tired. And I'm cranky. So forgive me, but this post may not be excellent. You may even want to skip it.

My boyfriend has been running a fever since Thursday, so Friday night I ended up taking him to the doctor. They said he had strep throat and gave him some antibiotics and sent us packing. Well, by Sunday, he still didn't feel well and his temperature reached 102.8. Which is bad.

So I took him to the Emergency Room and we all know how Emergency Room visits can be. Long and painful. They immediately hooked him up to IV's and put him on fluids because he was really dehydrated. Then they put him on an IV of antibiotics. Then, they took a bunch of blood. Then they took a urine sample. No one seemed to know what poor boyfriend had and his temperature still wouldn't come down.

So at 2:30 Sunday morning, the ER doctor tells him that he has to stay overnight. Well, duh, we'd already been there "overnight."

At 3:30 a.m., we finally get to his room and we are completely exhausted. Boyfriend especially. About twenty minutes later, they took him temperature again and it had come down to 99 degrees. Victory! It should have been time to sleep.

BUT his parents wouldn't leave. I was ready to throw a sleep deprived tantrum. Finally at about 5:00 am, they decided to go home. I ran down the hall and got a blanket from the nurses station and curled up in a chair next to boyfriend's bed. I was so ready to sleep, I could barely form a coherent sentence. I'm all like "Blanky, pleaz." And the nurse looked at me real funny, but then gave me one of those sympathetic looks that really mean, "Oh, this poor girl is so pathetic. I'll give her a warm blanket."

At 7:00 a.m. we were abruptly awoken from our sleeps by a nurse carrying a cart around to check vital signs. And then they had to draw more blood. And then boyfriend had to urinate, but we couldn't figure out how to get his cords and wires unhooked, so I just carried all the machinery to the edge of the bathroom door and sat it down. Luckily, the wires were long enough to reach.

I was standing outside the bathroom door waiting for him to finish when one of the machines suddenly starts to beep. I look down and it says his heart rate is 0 and he is flat lining.

I pull the bathroom door open with all my heart and soul only to find my boyfriend standing there taking a piss. I looked at the machine, then looked at him, then back at the machine.

Me: You're alive!

Boyfriend: Yep.

Me: Why does the machine say you don't have a heartbeat?

Boyfriend: Oh I took that thing off my finger so I could pee. Now, can I finish?

Me: {clears throat} Oh, yeah, um, sorry.

The greatest thing about his fake heart failure was that the machine went off for a good five minutes and NO ONE EVER CAME TO CHECK ON HIM! Seriously. Not a soul thought that his non-beating heart was a big deal.

By that time, sleep was out of the question. I couldn't rely on nurses who wouldn't come in to save him if I fell asleep. Even if I wanted to go back to sleep, it would have been impossible, because ten minutes later, his mother walked in. Yay.

Finally, the doctor came in around 11:00 am and told him that he had some disease that can best be described as shingles in the throat, although it isn't shingles. WTF?

His temperature was remaining low and they said he could go home. Then I had to argue with his mother that I could take him home and I could indeed care for him like I had been for the past 4 days. (although he did wind up in the hospital after my care, but come on, that wasn't my fault)

After winning the argument, I got him home and immediately fell on the bed and crashed for about four hours. When I woke up, he wasn't beside me. I jumped up while my heart was trying to beat its way out of my chest and ran into the living room. There he was sitting in the recliner watching cartoons and eating CoCo Wheats. He looked so much better! I ran over to him and gave him a hug. Little did I know that he had taken my cell phone so I wouldn't be disturbed and when I hugged him, I nudged my phone off of the chair arm and into his glass of ice water. Because, I'm that lucky.

When I got in my car this morning, the maintenance light was on and I realized my tags were dead.

I'm going to the DMV to get new tags, going to get my oil changed and I get a new phone today, hopefully. And boyfriend is starting to feel better. So hopefully, this week turns around. If not, I may be in the psych ward soon. I'll leave an address so you can write me.

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