Saturday, August 28, 2010

I made a CD for you!

I got in my car this morning feeling a little blue about Boyfriend being gone, and decided to rummage through my insane stack of mixed CDs.

I found one titled Cluster F*ck and was all, "Yay, that looks fun." (I seriously do talk to myself sometimes. Don't judge me.)

As I was scanning through the songs, I realized that the CD was totally and completely random and I wondered if I had been drunk when I made it. I honestly can't remember. Here are the tracks...

1. Tool-Sober
2. Hope-Who am I to say?
3. Journey- Don't Stop Believing
4. A Long December- Counting Crows
5. Mudvayne- Happy
6. NSync-Bye Bye Bye
7. Fastball- Outta my head
8. Eve 6- Inside Out
9. Julie Roberts- Break Down Here
10. Slipknot-Snuff
11. Matchbox 20- Bed of Lies
12. Reba- Fancy
13. Kelly Clarkson- Behind These Hazel Eyes
14. Theory of a Deadman- I hate my life
15. Miley Cyrus- Fly on the Wall
16. Sir Mix A Lot- Baby Got Back
17. Melissa Etheridge- Come to my Window

Now, have you ever seen something so very random? I can see where I came up with Kelly Clarkson since it immediately follows Reba, but how did I go from Miley Cyrus to Sir Mix A Lot? Mudvayne to NSync? Most of my mixed CDs are pretty well organized because I just go through my music library on my computer and add them to a CD and they are alphabetical and usually in the same genre.

I suppose I gave it a very accurate title.


Jess said...

This mix is awesome! I have (or used to have before the days of iPod Touch) dozens of mixed cds. Loved them! :)

Anonymous said...

I gotta check all these songs. :)