Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Madden 11

So...I told Boyfriend about the blog before he left on Friday. At first he was mad that I hid it from him, but then he started reading it and was all, "Move over! I'm doing the video game reviews from now on."  I was kinda taken back, but he knows his shit (apparently I do not) and he is better at it than me. Enjoy :)

By far...the best Madden yet.
Streamed lined running, balance passing, and new play calling system makes this Madden the best for any level of fan.

The sprint button has been removed and more emphasis has been put on the use of the right stick. This gives the player more control and also makes finding holes a necessity. This also creates a new level of realism that was missing in previous Maddens.

The passing game is neither too easy nor too hard. You don't feel that every pass thrown is caught and also don't feel that you are only chance at getting yards is running. I saw very few unrealistic catches and unfair drops. The receivers caught when they should and dropped when they should.

The new play calling system picks plays for you and allows you to listen to your offensive and defensive coaches via headset. If you're not good at defense like I am, this automatic play system balances the game. The offensive play calling can be frustrating at times, but overall the A.I. is decent. If you are one of those people who wants to look at the entire playbook, you can turn this feature off. But for me, it made me feel more like I was the QB or the defensive captain.

In closing, EA Sports stepped up their game in response to natural motion and 505 games attempted competition. They finally listened to the consumer and made necessary changes.

As a side note, they added a physics engine to the tackle engine. These things make the game very good, but it still loses its luster after a season or two.

-The Boyfriend

Note from Admin: I've never actually been into sports games, so I have no idea if he is telling the truth or not :)


Hotcakes said...

haha :) atleast your boyfriend can write...

i made a blog for my boyfriend and turned out now i know what's always going on his mind.

nothing. and random nothing-ness

Jess said...

BF should start a game review blog.....just a suggestion.

Admin said...

LOL Hotcakes...random nothing-ness. I like that.

@Jess...I'll tell him you said so! But if his blog gets more popular than mine...I'm deleting it. haha.