Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cake Wrecks!

Oh, how I love Cake Wrecks. This blog is entirely dedicated to cake and who in the hell doesn't love cake? Jen, the author, started the blog over a year ago and has been posting professional cakes that go way wrong ever since. She even has her own book now! Congrats!

BUT every Sunday, she posts Sunday Sweets, which are cakes that are actually really incredible. Like this one.
                                                             Mike's Amazing Cakes

Yeah, that's a cake. I absolutely adore the geek cakes.

                                                  Look at the detail on this BioShock cake!

Not only will you get a good laugh about wreckage that most of the cakes are, but Jen is pretty damn funny herself, so don't skip her commentary!

Now, who wants some cake?

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